The largest stock of rental skis and snowboards in the country as a rental shop.

Starting from the 23-24 season, the only rental corner at GALA Yuzawa Official Website has been updated with a new look as "FISCHER SNOW BASE GALA YUZAWA." We offer the latest models of skis and snowboards that provide a comfortable ride, and we have prepared Goldwin, a popular domestic manufacturer, for our wear. Daily maintenance is also performed diligently, so you can use them comfortably.


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Application can be made anytime, anywhere from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The new rental application method allows you to access the online form from your smartphone (recommended), tablet, or PC on the day or the day before, and simply enter user information and rental orders. You can even apply from the Shinkansen on your way here, saving you the trouble of filling out an application form on-site, making it convenient.

Rental counter directly connected on the same floor from the station ticket gate.

Arriving at GALA Yuzawa Station from Tokyo Station via the Joetsu Shinkansen in just 71 minutes. From the ticket gate, if you walk 30 seconds inside the Center House, which is integrated with the station building, you will immediately find the Fischer Snow Base GALA Yuzawa rental counter.

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A new concept ski set to support kids' skiing for beginners.

For kids with foot sizes of 20.5 cm or below, we offer innovative children's boots from "FISCHER" called "FISCHER ONE" and "FISCHER TWO." These boots are buckle-free, making them easy for kids to handle, and they feature a zippered cover for excellent insulation and waterproofing.

The ski board is designed for easy step-in and helps children improve their skills.


A groundbreaking reservation service that allows you to pick up your reserved rental items without waiting in line at the counter, using only QR code check.

Upon arriving at GALA Yuzawa, you can directly pick up your rental gear from the dedicated box without going through the counter or store procedures with this innovative rental reservation service.
The time and effort required from applying for rental items to receiving them have been significantly reduced, allowing for a stress-free rental experience.
* Individual item reservations are not available.


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Complete all procedures by reserving through the website! Just scan the QR code at “GALA” !

"You can easily make rental reservations through the website. Access the Pick-Up Box application page, enter the required information such as your planned visit date and rental items, and make the payment by credit card.
Once the procedure is complete, you will receive a QR code necessary for rental pickup, so please save it to ensure you don't lose it."

Once you arrive at "GALA," please head towards the left side immediately after ascending the escalator to the "Pick-Up Box"!

On the day of your reservation, you will receive the rental gear from the wooden Pick-Up Box. The process involves using the unmanned reception machine at the Pick-Up Box, where you will scan the QR code sent to you during your reservation and receive a receipt with the box number where your reserved items are stored. You will then pick up your rental gear from the BOX with that number.

The rental equipment prepared in the "Pick-Up Box" is already adjusted to suit your needs. You can enjoy it on the slopes right away.In regular rentals, adjustments to bindings and sizing may be required, which could take some time.

However, all the rental equipment in this service is pre-adjusted, so you can use it immediately. It's a rental system that minimizes the time needed for rental equipment handover.

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High-spec models available for discerning skiers and snowboarders

In addition to regular rentals, we offer the latest high-spec models for intermediate and advanced riders. For skiers, we provide the "FISCHER" RC4 series from their racing line. For snowboarders, we introduce "RIDE" brand SNOWBOARDS from the United States, known for consistently creating innovative and exciting products that meet the demands of the times. By using a model that suits you, you can enjoy a highly satisfying ride.

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Premium rental service can be arranged at the 2nd-floor rental counter in the Center House.

Premium rental service is designed for skiers and snowboarders who are not satisfied with regular rental models. To avail of premium rental services, please visit windows 1 and 2* at the 2nd-floor rental counter.

* Please note that the windows may change depending on the season. Please check for on-site instructions.

The RC4 series skis, a direct lineage of racing models.

We offer a lineup of popular models from "FISCHER" for skiing. These include the direct lineage of World Cup models such as "RC4 WORLDCUP CT," "RC4 WORLDCUP SC PRO," and "RC4 WORLDCUP SC," as well as the versatile "RC4 RCS" favored by advanced skiers and the high-performance carving skis "THE CURV" and "THE CURV DTX," known for their excellent carving capabilities.

We offer a lineup of all-around and user-friendly models of snowboards.

We have a lineup of "RIDE" snowboards, including all-around models and models with soft flex for women.

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Items for those who don't ski or snowboard to enjoy the snow

In order to provide enjoyment on the slopes even for those who don't ski or snowboard, we offer rentals of snow boots and sleds. We also have snow boots available in sizes up to 28cm. Additionally, accessories such as gloves and knit caps can be rented.
On the slopes, there is a snow escalator facility with a hood, and there is also a dedicated “Snow Play” park where you can enjoy sledding comfortably even on snowy days.


For those who want to enjoy both "skiing" and "snowboarding" in one day, please use the "Rental Gear Change Service."

We offer a “Rental Change Service” that allows you to switch between skiing and snowboarding.The change fee is ¥1,000 (including tax) per change. This service is available at the rental counter on the 2nd floor of Cowabunga (mountain base center house) and the service counter on the 1st floor of the gondola mountaintop rest house “Cheers.”






Service is continuously available at the service counter on the 1st floor of the slope side rest house.

We have a hot wax machine called “Waxjet” available at the service center on the 1st floor of the Gondola mountaintop rest house “Cheers.” Leave your boards that don't run well to Waxjet!

* The cost is ¥2,000 per session (tax included), and the process takes approximately 10 minutes*.
* Depending on the application status, there may be a waiting period.